Is your health insurance healthy? How do you know? Will you have the right policy at retirement? Will you be offering a good policy for your employees?


We can help determine a right fit by providing consultation services to review your current policies or packages.*













*A reasonable consultation fee may apply and will be specified up front based on complexity and time needed.

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Annual Reviews


Each year, it is vital that we review your programs to assure that you are getting the most up to date and most affordable insurance coverage. 


Our annual review includes:


  • Health Policies

  • Medicare programs

  • Prescription care

  • Premium vs Coverage

  • Out of pocket expenses

Individual Retirement Package Review


We will analyze your retirement package to make sure you have planned successfully for your retirement years. This includes reviewing;


  • Pensions

  • Group health benefits

  • Other resources such as IRA and Roth IRA

  • Estate preservation

  • Life insurance

Small Business Retirement Package Review


We annually review small businesses. Our small business review includes:


  • Buy/sell

  • Disability

  • Business overload

  • Business succession planning

  • Business owner estate preservation planning

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