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Retirement Planning and Annuities


It’s never too early in life to start preparing for retirement which often means 

living on a fixed income. Nothing is more important than assuring that a 

retirement income lasts a lifetime. Although your revenue maybe substantial at 

retirement age, long term inflation can see that income erode over years. One of 

the best ways to prevent this is through the purchase of an annuity. 


Annuities provide additional income and when combined with other financial 

instruments can substantially extend retirement dollars. Optimum plans use a 

combination of various programs to effectively meet the clients overall goals.



An annuity is an investment vehicle which provides income for life without the 

worry of fluctuations in the stock market. Annuities are contracts with an 

insurance  company  which protect your initial investment and guarantee a full 

return of the principle while earning interest. The right annuity can provide you 

with protection and enhance retirement income along with social security, 

pensions and other plans.





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